A Leading Multinational Company with Engineering Works  / Education  / Investments  / Infrastructure  / Real Estate  / Agricultural  / Products  / E-Commerce  / Consultancy  / Hospitality  / Trading and IT Industry

About Palazhi

What we are ?

PALAZHI ENGINEERING LIMITED is a Leading Multinational Company, registered in India and has commenced operations in worldwide countries from July 25, 1996 to present.

The Company have its Registered office at Nehru Place, New Delhi, Republic of India - Global Branch office at Deira Dubai, Near Union Metro Station, United Arab Emirates (UAE) - Global Branch office at Near Hilton Colon Hotel, Amazonas, Quito, Ecuador (South America) and Global Branch office at Coastal highway, Delaware / New York, United States of America (USA) also having above 3000 Virtual Branch offices / Business centers in worldwide countries associate with Regus.

The Company proposes to establish Amusement Parks, Real Estate, Infra Structure-Metro Projects-Dams-Tunnels, Power House, and Residential Townships throughout in India & Worldwide Countries. Apart from this they have diversified into other businesses like Rubber Plantations, Agriculture, and Farms etc. And other part of Business, like Engineering Works, Education, Investments, Finance, Products, Consultancy etc.

Palazhi Engineering Limited within the next few years will become a “Premier Specialized Multinational Company” in the world, Increasing revenues by becoming regionally known for the quality & cost-effective solutions. In addition to expanding our offices in the worldwide countries in order to cover the whole region.

Palazhi Engineering Limited as Multinational Company Provides different type of business solutions that allow in improving the market’s standards and become the smarter choice for a wider range of customers and suppliers through our commitment in providing high quality services in a cost-effective manner in globally.

Palazhi Engineering Limited in it’s Motto "All Great Things Are Very Simple, Rely on Our Ability, Trust our Experience, Catch If Can" Signifies the concept of a focused Company, which concentrates on providing its worldwide customers with qualitative services all part of in the business field .

To this end the group mobilizes it’s management skills and uses it’s resources in the most efficient and cost effective manner to produce projects - services of the required standards and quality.

Top management of Palazhi Engineering Limited will always ensure quality control by using the best global business practices within the core activities of the group.


(A)   The Main Objects To Be Pursued By The Company On Its Incorporation Are:-

1.       To carry on the business of engineering contractors undertaking and executive contract works of construction of building – residential, Commercial or Industrial or roads, bridges and other Super Structures and Installation of all type of Structures, foundations including pilling on behalf of various organizations, Contractors, Engineers, Architects, Surveyors, Part of India Or of the World or otherwise assist or take part in construction, maintenance, development, working, control and management and to carry on civil structural, electrical, mechanical, metallurgical, hydraulic or any other branches of engineering and Science and to act as consultants, fabricators, founders, advisors, investigators of all kinds of plants, machines and apparatuses, implements and to undertake any contract in connection with the main objects to alter, repair, service, convert process, let on hire in all and which may seem be capable of being conveniently carried on in connection with all or any of the aforesaid businesses.

2.   To carry on the business of Quarry, Mining and Crusher activities to meet the need of Construction sector including lime stone, Coral, Clays and shale, Sand and Gravel and Carbonaceous deposits.



        OBJECTS ARE:

1.     To acquire and undertake the whole or any part or the business, goodwill and assets of any person, firm or company carrying on or proposing to carry on any business which the Company is authorized to carry on and as part of the consideration for such acquisition, to undertake all or any of the liabilities of such person, firm or Company or to acquire an interest in, amalgamate with or enter into any arrangements for sharing profits or for co-operation or for mutual assistance with any such person, firm or company and to give or accept by way of consideration for any of the acts or things aforesaid or property acquired by any shares, debentures, debenture-stock or securities, that may be agreed upon and to hold, and to retain and mortgage with any shares, debenture-stock or securities so received.

2.     To acquire, build, alter, maintain, enlarge, remove, pull down, or replace and to work, manage and control any buildings, offices, factories, mills, shops, machinery, engine, roadways, tramway, railways, branches or sidings, bridges, reservoirs, water courses, wharves, electric works and such other works and conveniences, which may seem necessary to advance the interests of the company and to join with any other such person or company in doing any of these things.

3.     To expend money in experimenting on and testing and improving or seeking to improve any patents, rights, inventions, discoveries, processes or information of the Company or which the Company may acquire or propose to acquire.

4.     To enter into arrangements with any Government or Authorities, Municipal, local or otherwise, that may appear to the Company conductive to the Company's main objects or any of them and to obtain from any such Government or Authorities, any rights, privileges and concessions which the Company may think desirable to obtain and to carry out, exercise and comply which any such arrangements, rights privileges and concessions.

5.     To purchase, take on lease, in exchange, hire or otherwise acquire any movable or immovable property,  such as land, buildings, basements, stock-in-trade, plant and machinery of every kind and any right or privileges with the Company may think necessary or convenient for the purposes of its own business.

6.     Subject to section 58-A, 292, 293, 295 and 372A of the Companies Act, 1956 and Regulations made there under and the directions issued by Reserve Bank of India, to borrow, raise or secure the payment of money or to receive money on deposit at interest, for any of the purposes of the Company and at such time to times as may be thought fit by promissory notes, by taking credits in or opening current accounts with any person, firm, bank, company or financial institutions and whether with or without any security or by such other means as the directors may in their absolute discretion deem expedient and in particular by the issue of debentures or debenture-stock perpetual or otherwise and as security for any such money so borrowed, raised, received and if any such debentures or debenture-stock so issued, to mortgage, pledge or charge the whole or any part of the property and the  assets of the Company both present and future, including its uncalled capital by special assignment or otherwise or to transfer or convey the same absolutely or in trust and to give the lenders power of sale and other  powers as may seem expedient and to purchase, redeem or pay off any such securities, provided that the Company shall not carry on banking business as defined in the Banking Regulation Act, 1949.                                                        

7.     To acquire and dispose of copyrights, rights of representation, licenses and any other rights or interest in any book, paper, pamphlet, drama, play, poem, song composition (musical or otherwise), picture, drawing, work of art or photograph, and to print publish or cause to be printed or published anything of which the company has a copyright or right to print or publish and to sell distribute and deal with any matter so printed or published in such manner as the Company may think fit and to grant licenses or rights in respect of any property of the company to and other such person, firm or company related thereto.

8.     To establish for any of the purposes of the Company branches or to establish any firm or firms or promote any company or companies or divisions thereof at places in or outside India as the Company may think fit.

9.     To promote or assist in the promotion of any company or companies or division or divisions for the purpose of acquiring all or any of the properties, rights and liabilities of the Company.

10.   Subject to the  Provision of Section 77 of the Companies Act, 1956 to invest other than investment in company's own shares the money of the Company not immediately required in any manner as may, from time to time, be determined by the Board.

11.   To advance money or give credit to such persons or companies and on such terms as may be expedient and in particular to customers of and others having dealings with the Company and to guarantee the performance of any contract or obligation and the payment of money by any such persons or companies provided that the company shall not do any banking business, as defined in the Banking Regulation Act, 1949.

12.   Subject to the provision of Section 314 of the Companies Act, 1956 to remunerate any person or company for services rendered or to be referred in or about the formation or promotion of the Company or the conduct of its main business.

13.   To open account with any banks or financial institutions and to draw, make, accept, endorse, execute and issue promissory notes, bills of exchange, letters of credit, hundies, bills of lading , railway receipts, warrants, debentures and such other negotiable or transferable instruments of all descriptions and to buy, sell and the same

14.   To procure the Company to be registered or recognized in any part of the world or in India.

15.   To lease, mortgage or otherwise dispose of the property, assets or any undertaking of the Company or any part thereof for such consideration as the Company may think fit.

16.   To distribute, among the members in specific or otherwise any property of the Company in the event of winding up of the Company or any proceeds of sales or disposal of any property of the Company, subject to the provisions of Sec. 100 to 105 the Companies Act, 1956.

17.   To give publicity to the business of the Company by means of advertisement in the press, pamphlets, handbills, circulars, cinema slides or by publication of books, pamphlets, catalogues, instructions books, technical articles, periodicals and exhibition of works of art by granting rewards, prizes and donations or by participating in technical conference, symposia or in any such other suitable manner of all kinds.

18.   To establish or support or aid in establishment or support of associations institutions, funds, trusts and conveniences calculated to benefit the employees or ex-employees of the company or the dependents of such persons and to grant pensions and allowances and to subscribe or guarantee money for charitable or benevolent objects or for any exhibition or for any public, general or useful objects.

19.   To pay all costs, charges, expenses incurred in connection with incorporation of the Company, including preliminary expenses of any kind and incidental to the formation and incorporation of the company, costs, charges and expenses of negotiating contracts and arrangements made prior to and in anticipation of the formation and incorporation of the company.

20.   To do all or any of the main objects and all such other things as are incidental or may be through conductive to the attainment of the main objects or any of them in any part of the world and either as principals, agents, consultants, contractors trustees or otherwise and by or through trustees, agents, consultants or otherwise and either alone or in conjunction with others.

21.   To form, incorporate, promote any company or companies whether in India or  elsewhere, having amongst its or their objects the acquisition of all or any of the assets or control, management or development of the Company or  any other object or objects which in the opinion of the Company could or might assist the company in the  management of its business or the development of its properties or otherwise prove advantageous to the Company and to pay all or any of the costs and expenses incurred in connection with  any such promotion or incorporation and to remunerate any person or company in any manner it shall think fit for services rendered or to be rendered, in obtaining subscription for or placing or assisting to place or to obtain subscription for or for guaranteeing the subscription of or the placing of any shares in the capital of the company or any bonds, debentures, obligations or securities of any other such Company held or owned  by the company or in which the Company has any interest in or about the formation or promotion of the Company or the conduct of its business or in or about the promotion of any other such company in which the Company may have an interest.

22.   To undertake and execute any trust, the undertaking of which may seem to the Company desirable and either gratuitously or otherwise and vest any real or personal property, rights or interests acquired by or belonging to the Company in any person or Company on behalf of or for the benefit of the Company and with or without any declared trust in favor of the Company.

23.   Subject to the provisions of Section 293, 293A and 293B of the Companies Act, 1956 to subscribe or guarantee money for any national, charitable, benevolent, public, general or useful object or for any exhibition.

24.   To establish and maintain or procure the establishment and maintenance of any contributory or non-contributory pension or superannuation funds for the benefit of and give or procure the giving of donations, gratuities, pensions, allowances or emoluments to any persons who are or were at any time in the employment or service of the Company or is allied to or associated with the Company or with any such  subsidiary Company or who are or were at any time Directors of officers of the Company as aforesaid and the wives, widows, families and dependents of any such persons and also establish and subsidies and subscribe to any institutions, associations, clubs of funds calculated to be for the benefit of or to advance the interest and well-being of the Company or of any such other company as aforesaid and make  payments to or towards the insurance of any such persons as aforesaid and do any of the matters aforesaid, either alone or in conjunction with any such other company as aforesaid. 

25.   To undertake financial and commercial obligations, transaction and operations of all kinds, in connection with the running business of the Company.

26.   To guarantee the payment of money unsecured or secured or payable under or in respect of promissory notes, bonds, debentures, debenture-stock, contracts, mortgages, charges, instruments and securities of any company or of any authority, supreme, municipal, local or otherwise or of any persons whomsoever, whether incorporated or not incorporated and to guarantee or become sureties for the performance of any contracts or obligations as may be necessary for the purpose of the Company.

27.   To apply for purchase or otherwise acquire and protect, prolong and renew in any part of the world, any patent, patents rights, brevets d'Inventions, trademarks, designs, license protections concessions and the like conferring any exclusive or non-exclusive or limited right to their use or of any information as to any invention, process or privilege which may seem necessary use for any of the purposes of the Company or the acquisition of which may seem calculated directly or indirectly to benefit the company and to use, exercise, develop or grant licenses or privileges in respect of or the property, rights and informations so acquired.


1.     To carry on the business as tourist agents, and contractors and to facilitate travelling and to provide for tourists and travellers and promote the provision of conveniences of all kinds in the way of or through tickets, circular tickets, sleeping cars or berths, reserved places, hotel and lodging accommodation, guides, safe deposits, enquiry bureau, libraries, lavatories, reading room, baggage transport and otherwise.

2.     To set up steel furnaces and continuous casting and rolling mill plant or producing steel and alloy steel billets and all kinds and sizes of the re-rolled sections such as flats, angles, rounds, squares, hexagons, octagons, rails, joists, channels, strips, sheets, plates, deformed bars, plain and cold twisted bars, bright bars, shaftings and steel structures.

3.     To carry on the businesses of manufacturers, processors, importers, exporters of and dealers in all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous material meant for any industrial or non-industrial use and to carry on the business in cold or hot rolling, re-rolling, slitting, edge milling, sheeting, stamping, pressing, extruding, forging, drawing, flattening, straightening, heat treatment of all kinds of steel and such other metals or any other such strips, sheets, foils, tapes, wires, rods, plates and any other such sections, shapes or forms of all kinds.

4.     To  carry on the business of mine owners, manufacturers, importers and exporters of, traders and sellers in particular china clay, ball clay, quartz, feldspar, fire clay, gypsum, bauxite, granite, satellite, bentonite, sillimanite, dolomite, magnesite, calcite, lime stone chrome, zirconium, graphite, manganese, red oxide, yellow ochre, lisselghure or other associate minerals and chemicals needed for manufacturing, producing and dealing in all ceramic products particularly pottery products and refractory products such as fire bricks, silica refractories, insulating refractories, magnesite refractories, fire cements and mortars, bricks, tiles, sewer pipes, drain pipes, lime, cement, artificial stones, glass and enamel products and such other products, articles and things made synthetically or made, composed or prepared, wholly or in  part of any mineral or such other substance or substances thereof.

5.     To carry on the business of manufacturers, processors and importers of and dealers in gases of all types meant for any industrial or non-industrial use.

6.     To carry on the businesses of manufacturers, processors and importers, exporters of and dealers in gas cylinders, graphite electrodes, welding rods and materials and  all types of components, materials and things used in the same.

7.     To carry on the business of suppliers of plant, machinery and equipment, stores, tools, gadgets, devices, contraptions, instruments, spares and components and to develop, acquire, supply plans, drawing estimates, project reports and know-how for industries business, companies, service and public bodies and Governments.

8.     To carry on the business of running motor lorries, motor taxis, motor omnibuses and conveyances of all kinds and on such lines and routes as the Company may think fit and to transport passengers and goods and to the  business of common carriers.

9.     To carry on the business as brewers, distillers and manufacturers of and merchants and dealer in vinegar, acetic acid, glucose, wines, spirits, beers, porter, malt, hops, grain, meal, yeast, aerated water, carbonic acid gas, mustard pickles, sauces, condiments of all kinds, cold coffee preservers and all or any other  such commodities and things related thereto.

10.   To carry on the business of  cold storage of fruits, vegetables, seeds, fish, meat, agricultural products, milk and dairy products and such other perishable items of all types.

11.   To carry on the business of manufacturers and dealers in tractors, automobiles, earthmoving equipments, internal combustion engines, boilers, locomotives and compressors.

12.   To manufacturer and/or deal in automobile parts, spare parts and components of machineries and to act as agents for manufacturers of various parts and components.

13.   To cultivate, grow, produce or deal in any agriculture, vegetable or fruit products, and to carry on the businesses of farmers, dairymen, milk contractors, dairy farmers, millers, surveyors and vendors of milk products, condensed milk and powdered milk, cream, cheese, butter, poultry, fruits, vegetables, cash crops and provisions of all kinds, growers of and dealers in corn, hay and straw, seeds men, and nurserymen and to buy, sell, manufacture and trade in any goods usually traded in any of the above businesses or any such other  business as staple foods and medicinal preparations from milk, vegetable and animal products or any substitute for any of them associated with the farming interests.

14.   To carry on the manufacture and sale of medicines and preparations and to carry on the business of manufactures, buyers and sellers of and dealers in all kinds of medicines and medical preparations and drugs and obtain patents for them.

15.   To carry on the business of wholesale and retail in all kinds of merchandise such as textile yarn, steel, spices, dry fruits, chemicals, dye chemicals and grains.

16.   To  carry on the business of purchase and sale  of petroleum and petroleum products, to act as dealers in and distributors for petroleum companies, to run service station for the repairs and servicing of automobiles and to manufacture or deal in fuel oils, cutting oils and greases.

17.   To carry on the business of manufacturers of and dealers in all types of rubber and plastic goods, particularly industrial rolls, rollers, sheets, belting and consumer goods, such as tyres, tubes and such allied products thereof chappals, shoes, toys, medical and surgical goods and all such other kinds of products related thereto.

18.   To carry on the trade or business of manufacturers of ferro manganese, colliery proprietors, coke manufacturers, miners, smelters, engineers and tin plate makers in all their respective branches. To carry on the business of electrical engineers, electricians, contractors, suppliers of and dealers in electric and other appliances, electric motors, fans, lamps, furnaces, household appliances, batteries, cables, wire lines, dry cells, accumulators, lamps and works and to generate, accumulate, distribute and supply electricity for the purpose of light, heat, motive power and for all other purposes for which electrical energy can be employed and to manufacture and deal in  all apparatuses and things, required for the capable of being used in connection with the generation, distribution, supply, accumulation and employment of electricity, including in the term electricity all power that may be directly or  indirectly derived therefrom or may be incidentally hereafter discovered in dealing with electricity.

19.   To carry on the business of machinists, makers of machinery, manufacturers of pressed bowls, mechanical engineers, marine engineers, iron founders, brass founders, iron and steel converters, metallurgists, smiths and iron masters, steel makers, blast furnace proprietors, repairers, boiler makers, sand-blast proprietors, consulting engineers, asbestos manufacturers, spanners, annealers, enamellers, electric and chromium platers, polishers, painters garage proprietors, blacksmiths, tin smiths, iron mongers, alloy makers, metal platers, wire weavers and to buy, sell, manufacture, repair, alter, convert, let on hire and deal in plant, machinery, tools, implements, utensils, rolling stock and hardware of all kinds.

20.   To manufacture, buy and sell machinery, store engineering products of all kinds and description and to carry on the business of suppliers of and dealers in all types of machinery and in all products intended for use in foundry and treatment of metals.

21.   To carry on the business of manufactures of or dealers in glass products such as sheet and plate glass, glass wool and laboratory wares.

22.   To carry on the business of manufacturers of or dealers in textiles such as man made fibres, cotton, silk, jute, woollen and synthetics.                                                       

23.   To carry on the business of manufacturers of or dealers in industrial machinery of all types, including bearings, speed reduction units, pumps, machine tools and agricultural machinery and earth moving machinery, road rollers, bulldozers, dumpers, scrapers, loaders, shovels and drag lines and light engineering goods such as cycles and sewing machines and their components.

24.   To carry on the business as manufacturers, stockists, importers  and exporters of and dealers in engineering drawing sets, builders, hardware steel rules, measuring tapes, cutting tools, hand tools, precision measuring tools, machine tools, garage tools, hardware tools, instruments, apparatus and other such machinery plants, equipment, articles, appliances, their component parts, accessories and allied things.

25.   To carry on the business as manufacturers, stockists, exporters and importers of and dealers in bolts, nuts, nails, rivets, hinges, hooks and all other such hardware items of all types and descriptions.

26.   To carry on the business as manufacturers, stockists, importers, exporters, repairers of and dealers in dynamos, motors, armatures, magnets, batteries, conductors, insulators, transformers, converters, switch boards, cookers, engines, presses, insulating materials and electrical plants, appliances and suppliers of every description.

27.   To carry on the business as manufacturers, stockists, importers and exporters of wearable and un wearable fabrics, high density polythene and polypropylene, woven sacks, tarpaulin of various qualities and types.

28.   To carry on the business as stockists, importers and exporters of general goods, suppliers, commission agents and clearing and forwarding agents.

29.   To carry on the business as manufacturers of or dealers in or as stockists, importers and exporters of bottles, jars, fibrate boxes, corrugated containers, aluminium foils of all types, wooden drums, packing cases, rods, wires, ropes, strips conductors, equipments required for generation, distribution and transmission of electric energy, cables, motors, fans, lamps, furnaces, batteries and accumulators.

30.   To procure or develop and supply technical know-how for the manufacture or processing of goods, materials or in the installation or erection of machinery or plant for such manufacture or processing or in the working of mines, oil wells or other sources of mineral deposits or in search for or discovery or testing of mineral deposits or in carrying out any operations relating to agriculture, animal husbandry, dairy or poultry farming, forestry or fishing or rendering services in connection with the provision of such technical know-how.

31.   To carry on the business of manufacturers and dealers in all kinds of packaging, packing requisites and cartons made of cardboard, strawboard, wood, glass or any other such material, of all types metal, glass or plastic containers as also containers of any other such material related thereto.

32.   To carry on the business of importers, exporters, stockists suppliers and manufacturers of and dealers in commercial, industrial and domestic plastics and plastic products of any nature, substance and form and of any raw material such as styrene, vinyl chloride, poly-vinyl, polyethylene, high density polyethylene and its products polyolefin, vinyl acetate and copolymers and other allied materials, acrylics and polyesters, polycarbonates and polyether and epoxy resin and compositions, silicon resins and P.F., U.F. and such other thermoplastic molding compositions in prefabricated sections and shapes, cellulosic plastics and other thermosetting and thermoplastic materials (of synthetic or natural origin), coloring materials, plastic and resins materials and adhesive compositions.

33.   To carry on the business of manufactures, importers and exporters, traders and dealers in or otherwise engage in ceramic, refractory and plastic (such as PVC, PE bakelite, urea, formaldehyde and other such similar chemical compositions) products  of all  classes, such as fiberglass, glass wool, fire clay, refractories, Insulations cement of all types, glass, china wares, porcelain wares, earthen wares, stone wares, terracotta, plastic molding and extrusion and all types of any such class such as crockery wares, table wares, glass wares, figures and statues, artificial teeth, electrical insulators, sanitary wares, glazed or unglazed tiles, laboratory, hospital and industrial requisites, sparking plugs, drainage and water supply pipes, refractory and insulation cements, bricks and other shapes and things and all other such types and kinds or any class of plastic, heavy clay and ceramic products.

34.   To carry on the business of goldsmiths, silversmiths, jewellers, gem and diamond merchants and of manufacturing and dealing in clocks, watches, jewellery and cutlery and their components and accessories and producing, acquiring, importing exporting and trading in metals, bullion, gold ornaments, silver, silver utensils, diamonds, precious, stones, paintings, coins, manuscripts, curious, antiques and objects of art.

35.   To carry on the businesses of cotton spinners and doublers, flax hemp and jute spinners, linen and cloth manufacturers, flax hemp, jute and wool merchants, wool combers, worsted spinners, woollen spinners, yarn merchants, worsted stuff manufacturers, bleachers and dyers and makers of vitriol, bleaching and dyeing materials.

36.   To carry on the businesses of manufacturers, processors, importers, exporters of and dealers in ceramics and refractories and allied articles  of all types, categories, grades, standards and qualities.

37.   To carry on the business of hotel, restaurant, cafe, tavern, beer house, restaurant room, boarding and lodging house keepers, licensed victuallers, wine, beer and spirit merchants, maltsters, manufacturers of aerated, mineral and artificial waters and other drinks, purveyors, caterers for public amusements, generally coach, cab, carriage and motorcar proprietors, livery, stable and garage keepers, job masters, importers and brokers of food, live and dead stock, hairdressers, perfumers, chemists, proprietors of clubs, baths, dressing room, laundries, reading, writing and newspaper rooms, libraries, grounds and places of amusements and recreation, sport,  entertainment and instruction of all kinds, tobacco and cigar merchants, agents for railway, road, air and shipping companies and carriers, theatrical and opera-box office proprietors and general agents and to provide services and facilities of all kinds on a commercial basis that may be required for the tourist and entertainment industry.

38.   To carry on the businesses of transport, cartage and haulage contractors, garage proprietors, owners and charters of road vehicles, aircrafts, ships, tugs, barge and boats of every description, lighter men, carriers of goods and passengers by road, rail, water or air, carmen, cartage, contractors, stevedores, wharfingers, cargo superintendents, packers, haulers, warehousemen, store-keepers and job masters.

39.   To organize, run, maintain, operate, promote the business of interior decorators furniture and carpet designers and manufacturers, boutiques, operators of fashion centers, fashion shows and to make, acquire, deal in any way in  handicrafts, objects of art, precious stones, jewellery, whether artificial or otherwise and articles wherein precious stones may be used, in textile fabrics and to manufacture and deal in any products as are dealt in by boutiques, fashion shows and interior decorators.

40.   To establish experimental farms and research stations anywhere in India for conducting experiments, test and research for developing better qualities, food grains and agricultural products and for developing milch strain in cattles by cross breeding or otherwise and increasing egg laying capacity in poultry and also for finding other such ways and means of improving such other agricultural crops, produce, seeds, fodder crops and cattle feed of all kinds.

41.   To carry on the business as general, commercial, color craft and process printers, lithographers, photographers, engravers, die-makers, publishers of newspapers, books, magazines, art and musical production, plan and chart printers, press and advertising agents, contractors, ink, dye, colour and chemical manufacturers, manufacturers of metal and other signs and manufacturers of and dealers of containers and components and machinery and manufacturers of and dealers in printing machinery, type and all printers supplies, book binders and stationers and dealers in all  kind of suppliers and equipment for  mercantile and such other uses thereof.

42.   To carry on the business of manufacturers of and dealers in all kinds and classes of paper and pulp such as sulphite and sulphite wood pulp, mechanical pulp and soda pulp and papers such as transparent, vellum writing, printing, glazed, absorbent, news printing, wrapping, tissue cover, blotting, filter, bank or bond, beam, brown, buff of colored, lined, azure laid, grass or water proof, handmade parchment, drawing, craft, carbon, envelope and box and straw duplex and triplex boards and all kinds of articles in the manufacture of which in any form of pulp, paper or board is used.

43.   To promote, establish, acquire and run or otherwise carry on the business of any plastic or rubber industry or business of manufacture of materials in such for use in industries or business such as wax paper, bakelite, plywood, celluloid, products chemicals of all sorts and such other articles or things and similar or allied products or process thereof and to sell purchase or otherwise acquire or deal in materials or thing in connection with such trade, industry or manufacture.

44.   To carry on the business of providing comparative information about the characteristics interest or other attributes of individuals, communities, organizations, countries of other social units and of any articles or commodities or economic trends of persons whatsoever; to design, invent, prepare, own, make use of, lease, or otherwise dispose off and  deal in and with computers, data processing machines, tapes, cards, memory equipment or any other equipment and materials of every kind and description useful in connection with this business, to license or otherwise authorize others to enlarge in the foregoing and to engage in general research and development in areas related to or involving the foregoing.

45.   To carry on development and research work and to manufacture, calcine, refine, process, import, export, buy, sell and deal in petroleum coke  and coal tar, anthracite coal and to draw out, manufacture and deal in coal tar, can lion products and other such by-products as may be possible and to utilize waste gases for industrial uses and purposes.

46.   To carry on the business of manufactures, processors, importers, exporters and dealers in pesticides and allied articles  of all types, categories, grades, standards and qualities.

47.   To carry on the business of advertising, contractors and agents to acquire and dispose of advertising time, space or opportunities in any media; to undertake advertising and promotional companies of every nature, to acquire and provide promotional requisites of every kind and description.

48.   To carry on the business as auctioneers, house agents, land and estate agents, appraisers, valuers, brokers, commission agents, surveyors and general agents and to purchase or otherwise acquire and to sell, let or otherwise dispose off and deal in, real and property of every description.

49.   To carry on the business of manufacturers of and dealers and workers in cement, lime plasters, whiting, clay, gravel, sand, minerals, earth, coke, fuel, artificial stone and builders, requisites and conveniences of all kinds and of engineers, ship, barge, lighter and truck owners, quarry owners, builders, general contractors and carriers.

50.   To carry on the business whether together or separately of proprietors, managers and renters of cinemas, theatres, music halls, concert and dance halls, discotheques and studios, recording studios and radio and televisions studios.

51.   To carry on the business of exhibiting cinematograph films and of organizing the production, management and performance of plays, dramas, comedies, operas, burlesques, pantomimes, revues, musical and such other places, ballets, show, radio and television entertainments, son et lumiere and such other amusements and entertainments of every kind and of organizing, managing and holding concerts, recording sessions and dances.

52.   To carry on the business of film producers, film renters, film hirers and distributors.

53.   To purchase, hire or otherwise acquire any photographic, recording and such other apparatus in connection with cinematograph shows and exhibitions and radio and television entertainments and to manufacture films and such other appliances and machines in connection with mechanical or electrical representation or transmission of pictures, music and radio.

54.   To carry on the business as proprietors of clubs, gaming rooms, card rooms and billiard rooms and generally as amusement, caterers and organizers, promoters, providers and managers of all kinds of entertainments, amusements, recreations games, sports, competitions and pastimes. licensed victuallers, restaurant and refreshment room proprietors and to deal in food, drink and refreshments, wine and spirit dealers, printers, publishers magazine and periodical proprietors and sellers.

55.   To carry on the business of railway automobile or such other wagon or coach builders, carriage, car, cart and wagon or such other vehicle builders, iron founders, mechanical, engineers and manufacturers of implements and machinery, iron and brass founders metal workers, boiler makers, millwrights, machinists, smiths, wood workers, builders painters, engineers and gas makers.

56.   To carry on the business as manufacturers and dealers in and seller of all or any type of electronic components, raw  materials and equipments, audio products, electronic calculators, digital products, microprocessor based system, minicomputers, communication equipment and process control equipment, instrumentation and industrial and professional grade electronic equipments.

57.   To engage, provide and employ or to act as agents in the engaging, providing and employing of artists, actors, singers, dancers, variety performers, sportsmen, lecturers, instructors, entertainers and any other such persons or companies for the production transmission, representation and performance or film plays, stage plays, operas, burlesques, vaudeville, pantomimes, ballets concerts, exhibitions, sports, entertainments performances and amusements of any kind.

58.   To employ persons to write, compose, adopt or arrange plays, cinematograph and moving pictures, plays sketches, songs, music, dances and any such other theatrical, musical or variety compositions and to enter into agreements with authors, composers and lyric writers or such other persons for the dramatic or such other rights of operas stage plays operettas, revues, burlesques, vaudevilles, ballets, pantomimes spectacular pieces, musical compositions, cinematograph and moving pictures, plays, scenarios and such other musical and dramatic performances and entertainments or for the representation thereof in any part of the world.

59.   To carry on the business of garage proprietors and of a service station for motor vehicles of all kinds.

60.   Subject to the approval of RBI under the RBI Act 1934 as amended by RBI (Amendment) Act, 1997, to finance or assist in financing the sale of goods, articles of commodities of all and every kind or description by way of hire purchase or deferred payment or similar transactions and to institute, enter into, carry on, subsidies, finance or assist in subsidizing or financing the sale and maintenance of any goods, articles or commodities of all and every kind and description upon any terms to acquire and discount hire purchase or such other agreements or any rights thereunder (whether proprietary or contractual).

61.   Subject to the approval of RBI under RBI Act, 1934 as amended by RBI (Amendment) Act, 1997, to carry on the business of advisers on problems relating to the administration and organization of industry and business and the training of personnel for industry and business and to carry on the  businesses of industrial, business and personnel consultants and to advise upon the means and methods for extending, developing and improving all types of business or industries and all systems or processes relating to the productions, storage, distribution, marketing and sale of goods and/or relating to the rendering of services.

62.   To start, acquire, print, publish and circulate or otherwise deal with any newspaper or newspapers or such other publications of all types and to carry on the business of newspaper proprietors and general publishers.

63.   To carry on the business as business consultants, market research consultants, business transfer agents, valuers and estate agents and to act as intermediaries in the introduction of sellers, purchases, partners and employees.

64.   To carry on the business as suppliers of trained sales staff for temporary or permanent employment and to establish and maintain an employment agency.

65.   To acquire whether by purchase, lease, exchange or otherwise office premises and accommodation for the purpose of leasing the same or making the same available to any person, firm or company.

66.   To conduct, hire, purchase or otherwise acquire and work on ships and vessels of any class and to establish and maintain lines or regular services of ships or other vessels and to carry on the business of ship owners and to enter into contracts for the carriage of mails, passengers, goods and cattle by any means and either by its own vessels and such other forms of transportation of all types or by or over the vessels and modes of transportation of others.

67.   To acquire concessions or licenses for the establishment and working of lines of ship or other vessels between any parts of the world  or for the formation or working of any railway or tramway, wharf, pier, dock or such other works or for the working of any coaches or other such public conveyances with the benefit or any subsidy attached to any such concession or license or otherwise.

68.   To purchase, otherwise acquire and to carry on the business or businesses of steam ship owners, ship owners, smack owners, trawlers, deep-sea fishers, fishers, fish curers, fish salesmen, wholesale and retail fish merchants, wholesale and retail game and poultry merchants, ice manufacturers, cold storage keepers, warehousemen, cod liver oil manufacturers, oil merchants and refiners, utilizers of fish refuse, manure manufacturers, anchor and chain makers, wire rope makers, rope makers, mast and block makers, ship chandeliers, marine store keepers, compass and nautical instrument makers, marine engineers, engineers, dry-dock keepers, ship keepers, boat builders, ship and boat repairers, ship and boat outfitters, ship breakers, ship agents, salvors, wreck remover, wreck raisers, divers, auctioneers, valuers, assessors, stevedores, wharfingers, carriers and forwarding agents.

69.   (a)      To undertake, carry out, promote and sponsor rural development, agricultural development and scientific research programs and to assist execution and promotion of such programs sponsored by any such other institution, organization, trust or association either directly, or through any agency by contributing participating, and/or donating in cash or in kind as approved by the Central Government or State Government or any other such appropriate authority related thereto.

        (b)      To obtain the necessary approval from the prescribed authority under the Income Tax Act, 1961 or any other law for the time being in force in India or abroad and also to accept donation, grant, aid and or contribution in cash or in kind from any person, association, institution, co-operative society, companies and Central or State Governments towards such programs.

70.   To carry on in India or abroad activities as contractor, builders  and developers of building and farm lands, Hotels and Motels, Guesthouse Roads, highways aircraft runway siding.

71.   To manufacture, develop, import, export, buy, sell and deal in medicines, drugs, pharmaceuticals, intermediates, basic drugs, medicinal preparations, formulations, and preparations and deal in surgical instruments, X-Ray equipments, MRI Cat Scanners, blood testing equipments and all other such hospital and medical equipments.

72. To carry on the business of advertisement related activities which includes airport advertising, banners, bicycle displays, blimps, building illumination, bus advertising including bus interiors, bus benches, bus shelters, cinema advertising, double decker bus, electronic science, hotel key cards, mall displays, mobile bill boards, shuttle buses, sports marketing, street kiosks, street teams, taxi advertising, taxi receipt, transit advertising, transit shelters, video display, wrapped vehicles


IV.    The Liability of the members is Limited.

V.     The Authorized Share Capital of the Company is INR 10,000,000/- (Indian Rupees Ten million ) divided into 10,00,000 (Ten Lacs) Equity Shares Of Rs. 10/- each.




Managing Director : Mr PK Vishnu Kumar