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Chairman’s Message

"Intelligent of decisions, Integrity management, Commitment to stated principles, Perseverance in the face of challenges, Lifelong vision" Willingness, Hard work and Strong Mission !

Willingness with hard work & Strong Mission !

Looking back at the 24 years (since July 25, 1996) that has gone by, these words aptly describes us and actions. An impeccable track record has been built in terms of corporate practices as well as execution of all our projects with portfolio.

While the former underlines our integrity to the members, the latter to our Customers. The satisfaction of our clients who have been motivated to refer others to us, after having experienced our prompt and steadfast service rendered to them

Our unique model that is based on our motto “Redefining Partnership” is what has helped us to stay on course a midst the severe recession that began in the last quarter. By proving the success of all our projects in an adverse climate, we intend to pursue this model in the coming months and years.


Is a Multinational Company, in business sector also we aim to deliver high standards of service at optimal costs as we have demonstrated in IT Industry.  

The Company provides "Advance Telematics Platformone of the best GPS satelital tracking platform. Our GPS tracking system is aimed to provide all the essential services in a single application. It has various functionalities that make the applications easy to use.

We have multiple GPS vehicle tracking software for your distinct requirements. Our only maxim is to facilitate our customers with the ideal solutions.


The Board of Directors

PK Vishnu Kumar (Managing Director)

Pawan Kadam (Director)

Sijumon VG (Director)


The company Palazhi Engineering Limited is planning, In this Indian Financial Year April 01, 2020 up to March 31, 2021 to increase the volume of its business and establish at more over worldwide foreign countries, in this purpose the Company also issues Equity Shares up to one crore to our Private customers with the premium of seven hundred Indian Rupees and each Equity Shares Face value is INR-10 (Indian Rupees Ten). The transferable Equity Share assures up to 14 percent dividend every year. Hence, the board of directors wishes to give Scholarship for Students from the Company profit @ five percent every quarter.




 It would go a long way in helping Students to Motivate for the Higher Studies Encourage and Realize their “Dreams” and Institutes to excel in the field of Education with best future of coming generation in India and around the world wide countries & as a Promotional of the PALAZHI Group, creating benchmark difference in the society.

The Board of Directors also recommends to our valuable Customers / Clients to participate the “Palazhi Scholarship program 2020” with benefits and assure that the Palazhi Scholarship will be able to motivate and encourage the Students and Institutes to excel in the field of education.

We thank and appreciate all those who have supported us so far and look forward to continue the association. Our actions we are sure will one day make us a name that will be enshrined in the hearts of all those who have associated with us.



With Warm Regards,

P K Vishnu Kumar
(Chairman & Managing Director)