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"To Control and manage fleets of public and private transport with the highest efficiency and precision, analyzing event by event until you have the minimum of failures present, throughout the country".

Although for this it is necessary to change the culture of each region or system.

Fleet Management


Palazhi Engineering Limited will be in the next few years become a "Premier Specialized Satellite Tracking and Service Provider Company" nationally and internationally on the planet with increasing revenues by being regionally known for quality and cost effective solutions. In addition to expanding our offices in the countries of the world to cover the entire region.



Palazhi Engineering Limited is a multinational company, provides different types of business solutions that allow us to improve market standards and become the smart choice for a wide range of customers and suppliers through our commitment to providing high quality services in a cost effective way at a global level, especially with recognition in the provision of satellite monitoring and control services.

 As the company mixes administrative side with the application of advanced software that provides innovative functionality in state-of-the-art technology already proven and applied to the needs of each company, to provide solid and effective solutions in both sector of public and private transport.



Palazhi Engineering Limited in it’s Motto 

"All Great Things Are Very Simple, Rely on Our Ability, Trust our Experience, Catch If Can"   signifies the concept of a focused company, which concentrates on providing its worldwide customers with qualitative services all part of in the business field


                      To this end the group mobilizes it’s management skills and uses it’s resources in the most efficient and cost effective manner to produce projects - services of the required standards and quality.

Top management of Palazhi Engineering Limited will always ensure quality control by using the best global business practices within the core activities of the group.



  • Saving on bearing costs
  • Managing each route
  • Vehicle fleet location in real time
  • Reduction in the cost of insurance policies
  • Verification of events (traffic accidents, eventualities etc.)
  • Support for legal and legal evidence
  • Reduction of corruption
  • Increased productivity
  • Agility in processes